June 9, 2024

3 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Investing Journey

Have you been wondering about investing lately? Whether for retirement or wealth management, investing is an essential part of the financial freedom journey. Wherever you are when it comes to investing, here are three different ways to get started.

1. Designate 30 minutes to review your current retirement situation. Are you maximizing your employer benefits? Are you meeting the match requirement? What about IRAs? Roth or traditional? Take inventory of what you’re working with and ensure your contributions are right where you want them for the life you have set out post-retirement.

2. Set aside one hour weekly to learn something new about current events and the market. Continuously learning and dedicating time to educating yourself on your investments and opportunities will help you become more confident about your financial situation.

3. Subscribe to our newsletter, The Leaf, and other financial well-being resources straight to your inbox. Some additional resources include Investopedia.com as well as books like The Millionaire Next Door and The Intelligent Investor.

And that’s a wrap – three easy ways to kickstart your investing journey! Did you miss our live event the other day? No worries... View the recording Ways to Kickstart Your Investing Journey, on your own time. The takeaway? Get started; It’s oftentimes the hardest part of the investing journey. For more guidance and advice, schedule time with a BCU Wealth Advisor, like Jon a Luis.

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