December 18, 2023

6 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling frantic about holiday shopping right now, it's okay. You’re not too late! 

When it comes to last-minute gift giving, aim to keep it simple. Try to spark any or all the good senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound. Ultimately, the best gift is one someone will make good use of and appreciate far beyond the holiday season.

Make note of these six easy gift ideas that can be found at your local super store:

Mug. A cute mug is a great gift that someone will use daily.
Candle. Everyone loves their favorite scent.
Book membership. Gift a monthly book membership | Book of the Month gift cards
Audible. If someone prefers reading with their ears.
Slippers. Keep it simple and cozy with a fun pair of slippers.
Gift card. Go for something with a far-out date or best yet, no expiration date at all.


Whatever the gift, make it special. Keeping it simple can be just as powerful as planning months in advance. And don’t forget about these tips shared in our last post for intentional spending:

Use cash. Try to withdrawal only what you budgeted to spend.
Stick to your list. Only purchase what you budgeted for.
Shop in the right state of mind. A stressful day may increase frivolous spending.
24-hour rule. If unsure, give your gift at least a night's rest before purchasing it.
Unsubscribe. Remove the urge altogether by unsubscribing from communications.


Happy Holidays from the LMY Team!

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