November 18, 2023

Avoiding Fraudsters

‘Tis the season! Fraudsters are out and about, taking advantage of increased spending and emotions this time of year. When it comes to account protection, be sure to make note of these safety tips to protect what’s yours:


• Create a code word: The new scam? AI voice impersonation. Scammers are calling pretending to be your sister, grandson, long-lost cousin, and anything in between to gain your immediate and unconditional trust. To protect you and your loved ones from falling victim to this scam, confirm a secret code word or phrase amongst the family to ensure a scammer cannot take advantage of you. It could be something like ‘Apples and bananas’ or ‘’. 

• Block, block, report: If you’re unsure of an inquirer’s intentions, don’t risk it. Block the email, phone number, or account, and report the incident to help prevent future attempts. Remember, if something feels off, it probably is. Use your best judgment to stay vigilant against spammers from all spheres: email, text, phone call, direct message, and more.

Update your anti-virus software and passwords: Like flu shots and other vaccines, anti-virus software and passwords must be updated regularly to guard against future threats. Routinely update your passwords using unique characters and symbols and install computer updates regularly to ensure you're well protected against viruses.


For more account protection tips, visit Protecting Yourself from Fraud (

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