November 12, 2023

Holiday Spending Hack

Looking for an easy way to save time and money on gifts this season? And from the comfort of your cozy couch at home? Try using a price tracker tool, like camelcamelcamel. The tool helps you find the best prices for your gifts via web browser. You can even set a threshold price to be notified of a product you’d like to purchase via email or text message! Pretty cool, huh?

A few quick notes about using 

🐪 It’s a web browser-based tool, not a mobile app.
🐪 You don’t need to create a login to use the tool.
🐪 The ‘Camelizer’ web extension is easy to download, too.
🐪 Search for the product you’d like in the search bar at
🐪 Visually compare Amazon (green), third-party new (blue), and used (red) prices for the product of your choice.
🐪 Select ‘Create Price Watch’ to set a threshold price you’d like to be notified at for the product.

And that’s it! Say goodbye to endless nights scrolling through your favorite gifting categories on and get back to bingeing Hallmark movies like the rest of us. Happy shopping!

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