July 5, 2024

Making Money Fun for Kids

Teaching children about finances is no easy assignment; Eliciting excitement and engaging this audience can be a challenge, no doubt. There is a trick, though...

... it’s making money fun! Here are 6 different ways to make money an interesting and enjoyable learning topic for kids:


Make up a song. Start rhyming and rhythmically explaining easy money topics like saving, sharing, and spending smart. Incorporate some instruments for even more fun!

Give an allowance for chores.  Create a weekly list of house tasks for your child beginning as early as age 5 – this can be cleaning up toys, sweeping the kitchen, vacuuming the living room, unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, picking weeds in the garden, etc. At the end of each week, reward completed tasks with an allotted sum of spending cash for your child. Pay your child per chore to show the concept they must work to be paid.

Read books together.  There are so many great reads out there for children. Conversations about money, the good and the not-so good, are the most educational and eye-opening. Conversations in story form are the most fun to have.

Create real-world experiences.  Try role playing money scenarios as a game! From lemonade stands to an at-home bake shop, maybe a bracelet-making business or classroom, hands-on lessons are a great way to engrain a bit of experience managing money.

Match money for encouraged incentives.  Unexpected rewards are super powerful. Encouraging the practice of healthy financial habits with a money match can help your child choose healthier money habits on their own. A money match means you reward your child with the same amount they spend on something financially favorable to their future (like buying a book or choosing to save instead of spend).

Lead by example. You are a role model for your child. Be mindful of your own money habits as you teach them. Consistency and patience are what matter most. Use cash when you can so your kids can see money used in action!

The list goes on... Remember, creativity is the key ingredient for fun! And when it comes to raising money-smart kids, you’re not alone – we're all learning together. You got this!


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