November 27, 2023

Managing Holiday Debt

The holidays are a time of year we prepare to spend money for. Do we prepare to go over budget, though? No. Does it happen? Yes. Here are a few different solutions to help relieve you of some financial stress this season and start to pay off holiday debt, too.

Make lists. Like a grocery list, determine what you will be gifting to friends and family before shopping; that way, you don’t overspend on items you hadn’t planned to purchase. Writing stuff out always helps to release energy and note any to-dos taking up headspace, too.

Limit credit card use. To stay within budget, withdraw only the money you have allocated for gifts. If shopping online, set up account alerts. Account alerts is a feature many financial institutions have available in their online banking platform. They will notify you if you spend over a specific threshold on your card to help you stay within budget.

Learn more about balance transfers. Save money by transferring higher-rate balances from other qualifying financial institutions to another credit card. Our credit union provider has a great solution, and subscribers are automatically eligible for membership. Learn more.

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