November 2, 2023

More Grocery Savings

Shortbread cookies? Honey ham? Green bean casserole? Whatever your go-to holiday dish is, we know it’s not cheap. If not in dollars, a lot of TLC goes into preparing a holiday meal for the ones you care for. Here are three helpful money moves to practice this season for more grocery savings: 

  • Off brand: Forgo the more expense brands this season and substitute ingredients with cheaper brand equivalents for the same flavor and even sweeter savings. Just offset any quality loss by adding extra love to it!

  • Member prices: Make sure you join your grocer’s membership program for max savings. Membership is often free and involves sharing your phone number and email with the business. You can always unsubscribe, too.

  • Make a list: Without a set list of what you need, it can be easy to get lost in the grocery aisles. Make a list and check it twice for efficiency; you’ll probably save time and money!

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