September 20, 2023

Multiple Savings Goals


Sometimes, your savings goals can feel like a corn maze – progress can be slow and gradual, with wrong turns and setbacks, it can often become difficult to visualize how far you’ve come, even near the very end of the long journey!


For greater momentum and steady progress, try differentiating your savings goals. Here are three money moves to help you through the ears:

  1. Title your account by goal: Try updating your savings account title unique to your goal, I.e. ‘THAT’ vacation, #MyBigMoveWest, bb otw, etc. Talk about a motivational reminder! 

  2. Practice makes progress: Celebrate in increments – every penny really does count! Set aside time to recognize all the small successes that add up to your big end goal.

  3. Take time to check in: Reflect on your saving progress weekly. What’s motivating you to achieve what goal most, and why? Use that as fuel for the new week ahead!


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