April 10, 2024

Protecting Yourself from Fraud

It’s becoming increasingly more important to protect our personal info and safeguard what's ours. According to a Transunion report, nearly 48% of consumers report being targeted by scams in 2023 – phishing, smishing, grandparent, romance, investment, loan, lottery, peer-to-peer, tax and overpayment – all different ways scammers attempt to steal your personal information for financial gain

Here are 6 ways you can protect yourself from falling victim to fraudsters and false information:

1. Keep your personal information securely stored away (i.e. personal safe, password protected digital vault, etc.)

2. Provide information only to trusted sources

3. Protect your passwords and update them routinely

4. Keep your browser and operating system up to date

5. Update your anti-virus software regularly

6. Eliminate paper and increase security

By staying vigilant and being proactive, you can make sure you and your information stay safe. To learn more about different scams and how to protect yourself from falling victim to them, flip through BCU’s interactive guide. Protecting Yourself from Fraud (fliphtml5.com)

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