Inspiring Financial Confidence

Life. Money. You.® offers a comprehensive and accessible approach to financial well-being.
We'll help your employees foster better money habits, alleviate stress, and shape brighter financial futures, so they can bring their best selves to the workplace.
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Why Partner With Us

Life. Money. You.® has a wealth of free benefits to offer your employees, including:

Engaging content

Engaging Content

Access exclusive financial well-being content created to educate and inspire better money habits, from podcasts and newsletters to videos, live webinars, and more.

Expert coaching

Expert Coaching

Meet with a certified financial coach to receive guidance in areas including budgeting, building credit, boosting savings, tackling debt, and so much more.



Take advantage of credit score monitoring, financial health insights, and more money management tools, all in one convenient mobile app!

Financial well-being for all

Financial Well-Being For All

Life. Money. You.® subscribers are eligible for membership with BCU, a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union that is fiercely dedicated to Empowering People to Discover Financial Freedom.

Better Money Moves

With Money Health Data (like credit score monitoring), certified financial coaches at the ready, and on-the-go spending insights, our program grows your employees’ financial confidence with their money goals and dreams at the forefront of the journey.

Better Money Moves

We work with some of America’s best workplaces:

Life Money You is the first tool that provides holistic financial wellness support to our employees. With easy-to-understand resources and multiple touch-points, this tool truly meets people where they are on their financial journey. Helping employees with personalized financial coaching makes a positive impact on their financial well-being as they look to their employer to provide these types of resources. It's become a one-stop solution for enhancing our employees' financial fitness.

Cardinal Health Sr. Benefits Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Life. Money. You.®?

    Life. Money. You.® is a holistic financial well-being program for America’s Top Employers.

  • What makes Life. Money. You.® different from other financial wellness solutions?

    Life. Money. You.® not only provides access to digital financial tools and content, it is partnered with a leading credit union (BCU) to provide money-saving products and financial coaches.

  • Who is Life. Money. You.® designed for?

    Every employee is in a unique financial situation, and our personalized tools are tailored to fit individual needs and set them up for financial success.

  • What services does Life. Money. You.® provide?

    As innovators in the financial wellness industry, we are ever-striving to keep our program offerings on the cutting edge.

  • How do users access Life. Money. You.® tools and resources?

    Users can engage with the programs mobile app, web experience or with live financial coaches.

  • What does Life. Money. You.® cost?

    The cost is variable depending on choice of program components and number of users. Email to learn more.

  • Ready to learn more?

    Please click here and someone will reach out in one to three business days.

  • Need additional information?

    Please email

  • How is Life. Money. You.® related to BCU?

    BCU owns Life. Money. You.® and provides financial coaches to Life. Money. You.®.

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