December 11, 2023

How To Make Impulse Buying Work

Have you ever impulsively bought something and wondered: “Why did I just do that?”

Same. Especially right now.

Amidst my weekly scroll through, I noticed how many great deals are still being promoted for the holidays – from appliances to tech and festive home goods. “Really? Did I miss out?” I wonder. Knowing very well I finished holiday shopping last week. The temptation to add to cart still lingers...

The answer to my own question? No, I did not miss out – and if you finished shopping, neither did you. In fact, you are part of a small group of overachievers this season who will not be anxiously purchasing gifts at the last minute. Nothing wrong with this, though. The deals are for y’all!

Promos in places you frequent – like the gym, coffee shop, and it would seem, for me – can be difficult or impossible to avoid. It might feel daunting to make better money moves and save (particularly during the holiday season with temptations galore), but that’s probably because you’re working against your instincts instead of with them, right? It’s a lose-lose situation – avoid the purchase and well, that’s it. But what if you rewarded yourself for taking the high road? Gift yourself for making the right money move for your goals.

One of the first lessons you learned about money was probably that buying one thing usually means not buying something else or the idea of trading off. While deals continue to tempt you over the coming weeks and well after the holiday, try this tradeoff method:


Commit the cash to whatever temptation has your eye; However, deposit the ‘what-would-have-been’ a new vacuum money to an existing Savings Account instead.

Example: Instead of buying the vacuum (dog bed, air filter, home decor, or any other temptation on sale right now), deposit $85 (or the cash equivalent to the temptation) to your Dream Home Savings Account (a savings goal you have).


Check out five more money moves for those of you shopping around intentionally:

Use cash. Try to withdrawal only what you budgeted to spend.
Stick to your list. Only purchase what you budgeted for.
Shop in the right state of mind. A stressful day may increase frivolous spending.
24-hour rule. If unsure, give your gift at least a night's rest before purchasing it.
Unsubscribe. Remove the urge altogether by unsubscribing from communications.


When you buy a pair of boots, you get something in return — but saving for retirement doesn’t give you anything tangible. Many of the best things you can do for your financial health are invisible, like putting more money into a savings account during the holiday season. To bring your savvy money move to life, keep a tally in your journal of the amount you have allocated and see how much you save before the year is over! Celebrate the New Year on track to even greater financial goals.

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