April 29, 2024

To Invest or To Not Invest?

Apple or Nvidia stock, cryptocurrency or gold? A couple of years ago it was Tesla and GameStop. The answers to investment trade-offs like tech and energy? It’s not that simple.

Though all great Qs, these trendy trade-offs are easy distractions. Many of these companies have experienced significant growth and are highlighted in the media. However, it’s important to know that past performance of these investments is not determinant of future performance.

And yet, it’s hard to tune out all the rage and the talk. People are still wondering how they can get involved and maximize different investment returns. So how can we identify a likely path to success and avoid failure? Think ‘slow’ and ‘steady’..

Rather than trying to get rich ‘quick’, invest in well-diversified, globally allocated portfolios, which often will include well-known names like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia, and hold them for a hot minute (hot minute meaning long time). This strategy can reduce risk while still giving investors the opportunity for strong, long-term, positive rates of return.

Whether you’re doing the investing yourself or working with a wealth advisor, it’s critical that you know exactly where and how your money is invested for your future. You got this!

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